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Sinterklaas at Neli's Dutch Village  
Sinterklaas Storytime
Storytime With Sinterklaas is coming up fast   - See the 2014 schedule.  
This annual event is popular with familes with small children.
The Legend of Sinterklaas in The Netherlands
Mid-November marks the start of the Sinterklaas or St. Nicholas season in the Netherlands. It begins with preparations for the parade on the last Sunday in November. Sinterklaas, with his white horse Schimmel and helper Piet arrive by boat and lead a merry parade throughout the town.
The feast day of Sinterklaas is December 6th. This is a time for exchanging gifts and making good-natured fun of each other. Throughout the Netherlands, the eve of this feast day, December 5th is celebrated nationwide by young and old. Most places of business close a bit earlier than normal. The Dutch head home to a table laden with traditional sweets and baked goods.
A large chocolate letter - (for the first initial in the name of each person present) is a part of each place setting.
Large gingerbread (Tai Tai) men and women, a traditional treat share the table.
Early in the evening special seasonal treats are served while those gathered take turns unwrapping their gifts. Traditionally this is the evening that Sinterklaas and Piet ride across the rooftops of Holland looking for and rewarding good children with small gifts and candies.
In anticipation of Sinterklaas' visit, children have placed carrots and oats in their wooden shoes by the door for Sinterklaas' big white horse. The following morning, gifts from Sinterklaas, many with hilarious poems attached, are opened and the poems read aloud.
A day of feasting follows. This traditional Dutch celebration of Sinterklaas or St. Nicholas is credited with being the basis of our Santa Claus tradition in the United States
Hand painted
Sinterklaas and Piet Wooden Shoes
Tree Ornaments
Story Booklet
sinterklaas with staff
Sinterklaas with Zwarte Piet
Sinterklaas on horse
Sinterklaas with staff
(9cm 3.5") poly resin
Sinterklaas with Piet
(9cm 3.5") poly resin
Sinterklaas on horse
(9cm 3.5") poly resin
A Dutch Christmas
The Legend of Sinterklaas
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Sinterklaas Figurines
011486.42 Sinterklaas   011487.42 Sinterklaas 011488.12 Sinterklaas Sinterklaas poly
Sinterklaas Figurine
(41cm / 16 ") ceramic
Sinterklaas figurine
(31cm / 12.25 ") ceramic
Sinterklaas figurine
(16cm / 6.25 ") ceramic
Sinterklaas figurine
(16cm / 6.25 ") ceramic
Sinterklaas figurine
(16cm / 6.25 ") ceramic