Wooden Shoe Caving
Shown below are some of our park's
daily attractions, events and rides.

Big Wood Shoes
Petal Pumper car
Petal Pumper happy car drivers
Wooden shoe carving
Petal Pumper Ride
Try'in on the Klompen
Dutch swing ride
Miniature Pony
Walk our goat
Girls in Dutch costumes
Dutch swing ride
Miniature Pony
Walk our goats 
Dutch costumes
Theme Park is open weekends through September and our shops are open daily.
Our annual Kid's Day was June 21st and it was a blast.
This was a big day for us as we rolled out the welcome for kids.
Special features on this day included getting
"up close and personal" with community Firemen, Policemen,
and First Responders as well as their vehicles and e
Kids also enjoyed the special hands-on activities set up
for them just for them.

Some pictures showing the fun from past Kids Day.
More painting
kids dancing High kicks!
My own personal design!
Kids join in for Dutch Dancing
High stepping Dutch Dancers
Bounce house Buttons kids day
Bounce house - always fun!
Big Buttons made just for me!
 I made my own wings!