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Tulip and Wooden Shoe Questions

View Are wooden shoes really comfortable?
View What kind of wood are wooden shoes made out of?
View Where are your wooden shoes made?
View Do Dutch people still wear wooden shoes?
View When is the best time to see tulips?
View How can I order tulip bulbs?
View When are bulbs available for over-the-counter sales at Nelis' Dutch Village?
View When should I plant my tulip bulbs?
View Can I grow tulips if I live in the south?
View Do you sell other spring flowering bulbs?

Theme Park Questions

View How long should I plan for my visit to Nelis' Dutch Village?
View Where is Nelis' Dutch Village located?
View How large is Nelis' Dutch Village?
View Is  Nelis' Dutch Village handicapped accessible?
View Is there parking for RVs and campers?
View Do you have any camping facilities?
View Am I allowed to bring my dog?
View Is Nelis' Dutch Village just for kids?
View What are your 2015 admission rates?
View Do you offer any discounts on admission?
View What if it rains?
View Do I have to pay admission if I just want to shop?
View What is included in the admission price?
View Am I allowed to bring a picnic lunch?
View May I rent a stroller or an adult wheelchair?

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