Banket Class

Eet Smakelijk "Eat Heartily and Enjoy"

Theme Park is now open the season!
Our cafe and our other shops are open daily.

Our Dutch specialties include :
Mettwurst - Dutch Mettwurst (pork sausage), hot potato salad,
sweet and sour cabbage
Saucijzebroodjes - Pig in blanket (Pork sausage baked in pastry dough), traditional pea soup,and Dutch apple pie
Erwtensoep - Our famous pea soup, currant roll with Edam cheese,
and Dutch apple pie
Kroketten - Deep fried pork & beef roux, with whole wheat bread
with Dutch  mustard
Banket - For dessert, our homemade traditional Dutch almond pastry "Banket".

We also offer a culinary class experience:
"Learn how to make Dutch Banket" for groups (12 or more).
Participants make their own banket (almond pastry) and take it home.
This is a fun event, learn more about it:

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